Episodes where it may be fun to compare your opinion with the hosts'

Major Episodes

"Best Experiences" Series
Episode 672 - Top 6 Experiences at Epcot

Episode 666 - Top 6 Experiences at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 573 - Best Experiences For Your Princess

Bucket Lists
Episode 1044 - I Always Mean To..

Episode 900 - Never Been There, Not Done That

Episode 276 - Our Disney Bucket List

Episode 259 - Our “Top 7 Must See Experiences” For Next Trip

Episode 189 - Things We Tend to Miss

Episode 54: Things We Haven't Done (Yet)

Five Senses
Episode 366: Five Senses of the WDW Resorts

Episode 352: Five Senses of Epcot

Episode 336: Five Senses of Disney's Hollywood Studios

Episode 331: 5 Senses of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Episode 326: 5 Senses at the Magic Kingdom

General Decisions
Episode 1681 - Would You Rather with Live Calls

Episode 1658 - The Best

Episode 1652 - The Disney Stimulus Check

Episode 1634 - Be Our Guest Podcast Community Check-in: April 2, 2020 - This or That, Part 2

Episode 1633 - Attraction Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Episode 1632 - Be Our Guest Podcast Community Check-in: April 1, 2020: This or That?

Episode 1603 - Is This Romantic? 2020

Episode 1555 - Where Not To Be Alone at Walt Disney World on Halloween

Episode 1516 - Walt Disney World: Overrated & Underrated

Episode 1480 - What Makes a “Good” or “Bad” Queue at Walt Disney World

Episode 1474 - Time to Cut One at Walt Disney World

Episode 1471 - “The Best” at Walt Disney World

Episode 1468 - Wagons, Smoking, Ice, & Disney Dreaming (After 23:37)

Episode 1446 - Is This Romantic?

Episode 1414 - The Latest Walt Disney World News

Episode 1402 - Dining Challenges and Opportunities at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 1399 - Where To Be Totally Alone at Walt Disney World

Episode 1396 - Walt Disney World Happenings - Something or Nothing?

Episode 1384 - Best & Worst of 2018 Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Episode 1375 - Live Disney Snack Battle with Rikki & Mike from Indy Disney Meet 2018

Episode 1363 - What’s In Our Disney Tech Bags

Episode 1351 - Be Our Guest Podcast - YOUR Turn!

Episode 1345 - Our Favorite Dining and Snacking Locations at Walt Disney World

Episode 1312 - Walt Disney World Hot Takes

Episode 1293 - Where NOT to Wait in Line at Walt Disney World

Episode 1289 - Is This Romantic?

Episode 1254 - Black Friday at Walt Disney World

Episode 1200 - Wedway Radio and BOGP Play for Charity

Episode 1191 - What We Are Looking Forward To

Episode 1167 - Best Quick-Service Meals at Walt Disney World

Episode 1131 - Is This Romantic? - Part 2

Episode 1128 - Walt Disney World Spin-off Experiences

Episode 1107 - Very Unique Experiences at Walt Disney World

Episode 1104 - At , Would You Consider _? (Pricing)

Episode 1068 - Would You Rather?

Episode 1053 - Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Tolerable wait times)

Episode 1044 - I Always Mean To..

Episode 1002 - Quantifiable Walt Disney World

Episode 975 - Is This Romantic?

Episode 924 - I Miss __ at Walt Disney World Today

Episode 876 - Water, Water Everywhere!

Episode 873 - 1 Counter Service Meal, 1 Snack, 4 Parks

Episode 868 - Wedway Radio Meets BOGP 2014 Edition (13:15-21:40; 28:32-53:57)

Episode 858 - Just a Bit Better (Improving attractions)

Episode 850 - IFTTT WDW-Style (Alternatives)

Episode 831 - Disney Springs Update with Dean

Episode 819 - What We Love About Walt Disney World

Episode 786 - Worth Lining Up For

Episode 780 - Our Overlooked WDW Resorts

Episode 774 - 2014 Halloween Extravaganza

Episode 741 - Improving the My Disney Experience App

Episode 712 - Matt & Nate from Wedway Radio 2013 12-Hour Live Show (Especially 17:12-37:38)

Episode 693 - I Can’t Believe We.. (Disney-style)

Episode 681 - WDW For the Sports Fan

Episode 675 - Would You Pay For Fastpass Plus?


Episode 630 - Leftover WDW Attractions

Episode 621 - WDW for Pixar Fans (After 23:20)

Episode 588 - WDW Park Music

Episode 556 - Nate & Matt from Wedway Radio CHARACTER BASEBALL (29:50-34:17)

Episode 526 - Obscure Disney Obsessions

Episode 484: After Fantasyland, What's Next?

Episode 478: It's Gotta Go WDW

Episode 474: Eating on $40 a Day Dining

Episode 472: Hit or Myth- TRUE OR FALSE

Episode 420: Would you Rather…Again!

Episode 381: Where Not to Be Stuck Alone at WDW Overnight

Episode 360: Plussing Epcot

Episode 358: Favorite WDW Attraction Scenes

Episode 285: Our Last Meal and Attraction at WDW

Episode 221 - State of the Parks-KEEP, CHANGE. REMOVE

Episode 204 - The Olympics - WDW Style

Episode 180 - Black Friday at WDW

Episode 172 - What Scares Us at WDW

Episode 158 - Disney Mom’s Panel Application Quiz

Hidden Mickeys
Episode 594 - Hidden Mickeys

Location Matters (Best Seating on Attractions)
Episode 882 - Location Matters at Epcot

Episode 714 - Location Matters at Epcot

Episode 711 - Location Matters at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 678 - Location Matters in the Magic Kingdom

"Mount Rushmore" Series
Episode 840 - WDW Restaurants That Need Love

Episode 804 - Mount Rushmore of WDW Restaurants

Episode 687 - Mount Rushmore of WDW Attractions

New Year's
Episode 1429 - Looking Back on 2018 at Walt Disney World

Episode 1272 - Looking Ahead to 2018

Episode 960 - More Oddsmakers for 2016

Episode 957 - Betting On 2016

Episode 800 - Your 2015 Disney Resolutions

Episode 644 - Looking Back on 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014

Episode 398: Thoughts on 2011 at WDW

Episode 294: Looking Back at WDW in 2010

Episode 86 - Looking back on 2008 and Ahead to 2009

Resort Decisions
Episode 1645 - Creative Split-Stay Options

Episode 1600 - Walt Disney World Resort Personality Profiles

Episode 1552 - Disney’s Caribbean Beach vs. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

Episode 1504 - Disney’s Wilderness Lodge vs. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resorts

Episode 1501 - Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Vs. Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resorts

Episode 1498 - Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

Episode 1372 - That ONE Thing for Each of the Magic Kingdom Resorts

Episode 1348 - That ONE Thing that Makes the Epcot-Area Resorts Special

Episode 1342 - That One Thing For Each Walt Disney World Moderate Resort

Episode 502: Which Disney Moderate?

Episode 494: Which Disney Deluxe?

Restaurant Menus
Episode 1393 - ITFFF - Walt Disney World Restaurants

Episode 1185 - Random Walt Disney World Restaurant Menus (Again!)

Episode 993 - Name That Disney Restaurant Again

Episode 969 - Guess That Walt Disney World Restaurant

Episode 870 - Random WDW Restaurant Menus

"Short-Term Normal" Series
Episode 1675 - The Short-Term Normal - The Magic Kingdom

Three Hours in a Park
Episode 393: 3 Hours in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Episode 391: 3 Hours at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Episode 374: 3 Hours in Epcot

Episode 368: 3 Hours in the Magic Kingdom

Time Travel
Episode 1669 - Bring Back Three

Episode 1579 - If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Episode 1540 - I Can’t Believe It’s Gone

Episode 1248 - What Would You Bring Back?

Episode 1218 - The Next 3 Counter-Service Restaurants

Episode 1215 - The Next 3 Table-Service Restaurants

Episode 1212 - The Next 3

Episode 1114 - Looking Forward to 2017 at Walt Disney World

Episode 1113 - Wrapping Up 2016 at Walt Disney World

Episode 1095 - More #RightNowAtWDW

Episode 1074 - Right now at Walt Disney World

Episode 984 - Oddsmakers: Tiered-Ticket Version

Episode 940 - Disney’s Hollywood Studios Over the Next 10 Years

Episode 924 - I Miss __ at Walt Disney World Today

Episode 765 - Losing One’s Identity

Episode 753 - Our Next 30 WDW Years

Episode 657 - A Lesson in WDW Settings

Episode 556 - Nate & Matt from Wedway Radio (24:53-29:00 )

Episode 512: Nostalgialand

Episode 408: What Would We Ask Walt?

Episode 356: Looking into the Past

Episode 354: Looking into the Future

Top Lists
Episode 1597 - Disney News & Top 10 Places to Relax at Walt Disney World

Episode 1218 - The Next 3 Counter-Service Restaurants

Episode 1215 - The Next 3 Table-Service Restaurants

Episode 1212 - The Next 3

Episode 1125 - Top 3 Underrated “Things” at Walt Disney World

Episode 341: Our Top 3 ADR Choices Right Now

Episode 333: Top 3 Things to Do Outside the Parks

Episode 320: The Top 3 WDW Breakfast Options

Episode 198 - Top and Bottom 2 Resorts

Episode 170 - Top 3 Lines from Attractions

Episode 140 - Our Top 7 Must Sees at WDW

Tough Disney Choices Series
Episode 903 - Tough Disney Choices Live from the Disney Dream

Episode 855 - Even More Tough Disney Choices

Episode 338: Tough Disney Choices- Epcot Edition

Episode 200 - A Look Back and More Tough Disney Choices

Episode 150 - Tough Disney Choices, Part 2

Episode 120 - Tough Disney Choices

"Trapped In" Series
Episode 1663 - Trapped In Echo Lake

Episode 1420 - Trapped In Fantasyland

Episode 1296 - Trapped on Sunset Boulevard

Episode 1266 - Trapped In Adventureland

Episode 1260 - Trapped In Frontierland

Win, Fail, Meh
Episode 1327 - Walt Disney World Win, Fail, or Meh!

Episode 541 - Two Amazing WDW Trips (28:35-30:30)

Episode 349: Win, Fail, or Meh with Matt and Nate Parrish

Word Association
Episode 464: WDW Motivational Posters-SIMILAR TO WORD ASSOCIATION

Episode 424: WDW Word Association

Listener Questions

Episode 1679 - Listener Questions
-23:30 Chris wonders what Walt Disney would think of modern Walt Disney World

Episode 1661 - Listener Questions
-27:51 Robbie ponders being "in" an attraction as an element for a day to see guest reactions instead of merely riding said attraction

Episode 1624 - Listener Questions
-24:36 Justin ponders new character and flavor options to complement the Mickey ice cream bars

Episode 1413 - Listener Questions
-25:25 Natalie decides between attending Early Morning Magic at the Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios without children

Episode 1407 - Listener Questions
-10:07 Jillian asks the hosts to discuss their favorite Disney characters and character interactions in the parks

Episode 1320 - Listener Questions
-40:48 Matt from California wonders what song, on average, is played the most times daily at Walt Disney World

Episode 1292 - Listener Questions
-22:56 Madison from Australia ponders the romance-level of dinner at Whispering Canyon, eating lots of snacks at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, sharing Ohana bread pudding at Tambu Lounge, Hoop Dee Doo Revue, and Dinoland USA at night

Episode 1205 - Listener Questions
-11:48 Sarah asks the hosts to name their favorite overlooked attraction at Walt Disney World

Episode 1115 - Listener Questions
-4:36 Paul from the UK asks the hosts to name defunct attractions at the time of their first trips that they wish they could have experienced, defunct attractions that they have experienced and miss, and current attractions that they would miss if removed. Mike adds resorts to the equation

Episode 1109 - Listener Questions
-30:48 Priscilla ponders great honeymoon activities at Disney World regardless of price

Episode 1083 - More #AskBOGP Listener Questions
-24:28 Ashley from Arkansas discusses Kali River Rapids and asks the hosts if there are any attractions that they never want to ride again

Episode 1067 - Listener Questions
-28:22 Peter from Canada ponders the best Walt Disney World icon for a Lego set

Episode 1040 - Listener Questions
-16:40 CJ mentions five restaurants (Maya Grill, Le Cellier, The Boathouse, Tutto Italia, and Artist Point) and asks the hosts to pick the best eatery of this bunch. The Boathouse and Maya Grill are discussed

Episode 1031 - Listener Questions
-4:08 Shawn from Virginia asks the hosts to list their top three Disney movies

Episode 983 - Listener Questions
-23:20 Daniel from New Jersey asks about the hosts' earliest and best Walt Disney World memories

Episode 968 - Listener Questions
-25:41 David ponders Disney movies that are underrepresented in the parks and ways to implement said properties

Episode 965 - Listener Questions
-35:18 Susan presents a Disney survey that asks for a single word to describe each of the theme parks and Disney Springs

Episode 962 - Listener Questions
-33:34 A listener asks the hosts to choose one Disney park to visit. Rikki discusses Disneyland Park and Mike chooses the Magic Kingdom, highlighting Skipper Canteen

Episode 956 - Listener Questions
-22:02 Katie ponders a day at Disney World where characters are situated outside their usual lands

Episode 947 - Listener Questions
-31:39 Van asks the hosts to pick one attraction to hypothetically ride for an entire trip

Episode 929 - Listener Questions
-19:04 Peter from Canada ponders a three-course meal, appetizer, main course, and dessert, among the counter service restaurants at the Polynesian, Grand Floridan, and Contemporary, respectively

Episode 920 - Listener Questions
-21:07 Chris from Massachusetts asks the hosts if they would rather attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party or take the Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Episode 917 - Listener Questions
-21:37 Brad asks the hosts to name one defunct attraction that they would bring back to Walt Disney World

Episode 899 - Listener Questions
-14:41 David presents a hypothetical challenge to the panel involving bucket listed experiences

Episode 848 - Listener Questions
-18:36 Renee ponders attractions she should experience because they might close soon. Nighttime spectaculars are discussed

Episode 839 - Listener Questions (April Fools' Day Episode)

Episode 820 - Listener Questions
-14:06 Erica from Indiana asks the hosts to nominate one attraction to remove from each park

Episode 788 - Listener Questions
-8:45 Robbie from Tennessee ponders the best resort for each season and Christmas

Episode 770 - Listener Questions
-16:18 Melissa from Wisconsin ponders the best thematic backstory at Walt Disney World

Episode 767 - Listener Questions
-11:32 Peter from Massachusetts wonders if Carsland would have been better than the Fantasyland expansion for Walt Disney World

Episode 734 - Listener Questions
-21:14 Charles from New York ponders ways to pass time between Disney trips

Episode 728 - Listener Questions
-4:06 Diane suggests checking out buildyourdisneyside.com to create a decal

Episode 725 - Listener Questions
-7:46 Darren from Texas asks why Disney has never created an attraction based on "Lady and the Tramp"

Episode 716 - Listener Questions
-5:35 Peter asks the panel to choose between doing an annual six-night cruise or a Disney World trip for the next five years
-11:14 Joseph from Illinois wonders how the hosts became interested in Disney World

Episode 707 - Listener Questions
-15:01 David from Alabama asks the hosts to ponder one hypothetical element to add to or remove from WDW

Episode 704 - Listener Questions
-30:52 Jean-Phillip from Canada asks the hosts to imagine new race courses and genres

Episode 683- Listener Questions
-10:49 Dean from Connecticut asks Mike to ponder new Disney races including length, theme, and time of year

Episode 674 - Listener Questions
-11:44 Patrick from Canada asks the hosts to discuss their favorite in-park attractions, restaurants, and experiences at WDW under the hypothetical assumption that all four parks were combined into one

Episode 653 - Listener Questions
-17:12 Pam from New Mexico discusses the tone of different Disney podcasts, and she asks the hosts to discuss past Disney changes that surprised them, either positively or negatively

Episode 614 - Listener Questions
-9:30 Terrence asks the hosts to name their favorite sandwiches at WDW
-14:23 Donna from Colorado shares stories related to park music. The panel discusses nostalgic music.

Episode 590 - Listener Questions
-19:30 Len from Indiana asks about popular WDW features that the hosts don't care for

Episode 584 - Listener Questions
-18:55 Michael from Michigan ponders small things Disney could do to improve guest experiences at the parks

Episode 563 - Listener Questions
-10:59 Kyle ponders the best and worst attractions to be stuck on

Episode 557 - Listener Questions
-12:15 jenmichigan asks for good Disney albums

Episode 557 - Listener Questions
-6:58 Rocky1332 asks for the best US location to put a new Disney park, as well as the style said new park would take

Episode 554 - Listener Questions
-17:33 Tracy from Kentucky asks the hosts to name the top Disney experience on each of their bucket lists

Episode 554 - Listener Questions
-14:04 Tara from Vermont asks the hosts for their favorite background or instrumental music from Disney parks or movies